Designed with a hotel like approach to healthcare - with an eye to service excellence, Mount Elizabeth prides itself on the comfort of its patients, as reflected in its facilities and technology. Yet, having opened the doors of its new hospital for over 2 years, the majority of the city was still unaware of Mount Elizabeth Novena. We determined that the best way to raise awareness for the hospital was to bring people to it.

Doctor for a Day worked on the principle that parents would like their children to grow up to be doctors. By running a funfair to provide an educational experience for their children and introduce them to the inner workings of the hospital, we attracted thousands of people to the hospital grounds. With tickets provided over Facebook, tickets were snapped up within hours of opening them up, and had a waiting list twice the size of tickets available. The event was heavily shared by young parents over social media, both before and after the event.

The hospital is now a well recognized healthcare institution on the landscape of Singapore.