Behind the scenes - Pacific Rim

So we've neglected keeping this alive. We only realized this when we logged into this segment to find last years Christmas card design sitting there waiting for us.

We love Behind the scenes stuff, its always cool to see the sheer amount of effort & quality before everything gets comped together and you can hardly tell what was done. Its always a treat to see a detailed breakdown of a movie.



The newest billionaire, dude. GoPro CEO.

So some of us here love outdoor sports quite a bit and boy do we dream of spending more time risking our lives out there. The story of the latest billionaire is pretty inspiring and apparently, he still uses dude a lot.

Anyway, we all always liked GoPro and have seen it climb up the store shelves and creep into our conversations. Nice to know he is doing well. Great marketing video to boot. Just makes you want to go snowboard down something.

Read the article on BusinssInsider

Dumb ways to die

So we saw this way before it went tremendously viral but alas, we were too busy and lagged behind the world when it comes to blog posting on our own site. But we will strive to be more punctual.

Wonderful clip and clearly addictive based on the shares its gotten. Do check out this read which questions it's effectiveness. "Ego trip a dumb way to tackle rail safety". Your thoughts?

*NOW everyone in the office STOP SINGING the song while working!